Spiritual Formation for Southwest Florida


- each consecutive, beginning February 12

Using Henri Nouwen’s book Reaching Out: The Three Movements of the Spiritual Life as our reference point, each class will focus on one of the  ‘movements’ toward a deeper spiritual life — moving from a personal sense of loneliness to that of peaceful solitude, moving from hostility to hospitality with other and all of creation and moving from illusion to prayer in our life with God.  There will be reflections, readings and posting most of the days of each of the two week classes.  The links are below for registering for one or all three (at a discount) of the classes.
​·        http://www.beadisciple.com/online-christian-courses/ifd172-three-movements-of-the-spiritual-life-loneliness-to-solitude/

·        http://www.beadisciple.com/online-christian-courses/ifd173-three-movements-of-the-spiritual-life-hostility-to-hospitality/

·        http://www.beadisciple.com/online-christian-courses/ifd174-three-movements-of-the-spiritual-life-illusion-to-prayer/

Sarasota Florida
United States of America

A Sense of Place - What is the appropriate relationship between our spirituality and geography?

Belonging to the Earth

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Christian Spiritual formation is the process, initiated by the Holy Spirit, of being formed into the image of Jesus for the sake of others. Each of us is being spiritually formed.  Is it in the image of Jesus or an image where we have overlaid our view onto who God is.  The classic questions “Who am I?” and “Who is God?” form the basis for any inquiry into our lives in relation to something or someone greater than us..​

Monthly Sierra Club outings - check the Manatee Sarasota Group of the Sierra Club for details.​

Spiritual Direction - Meet with someone to listen to you, to God on your behalf and help make sense of the weavings of the Holy Spirit in your life.  See the specific tab for more information.​

We're Glad You're Here

  Spiritual formation connection primarily for Southwest Florida, especially Sarasota and Manatee counties.  However, people who are pursuing Christian Spiritual Formation have responded from all over the globe. We are all continually being formed. The primary question is what is forming you and toward what goal are you being formed? Many are looking for encouragement or resources to help them grow.  Some have begun to find that the ancient Christian practice of Spiritual Direction helps them sort out their life with God and fosters spiritual growth.  Many find that organizations like Renovare have excellent resources for cultivating a deeper
life with God.
Perhaps you have glimpsed a vision of a faith filled community that is vital, living and dynamic. Unfortunately, too often our communities fall short of that. Regardless, let's keep that vision as our goal and diligently
pursue the journey towards it.
SPIRITUAL FORMATION - Mulholland said it so well - "The process, initiated by the Holy Spirit, of being formed into the image of Jesus Christ for the sake of others." For a more robust description, which include scripture references try http://acalltospiritualformation.info/default.aspx.